27484gmane.user-groups.linux.badopiAquesta és "ComandoB", la llista de correu de Badopi, els BArcelonins DOmadors de PIngüins. (non-public)
2004gmane.user-groups.linux.bariloche.gulbarUser Group of linux from Argentina Bariloche (unidirectional)
14013gmane.user-groups.linux.bblug.mainLista para comentar cualquier tema relacionado a GNU/Linux/Software Libre y afines. (non-public)
6052gmane.user-groups.linux.bblug.orgLista para tratar temas relacionados a la organización del LUG: eventos, site, sugerencias, etc. (non-public)
785gmane.user-groups.linux.belfastChat about GNU/Linux and other Free Software / Open Source, with a focus on Belfast in Northern Ireland. ()
1889gmane.user-groups.linux.birminghamBirmingham Linux User Group UK ()
582728gmane.user-groups.linux.czechDiscussion forum of (read-only)
28488gmane.user-groups.linux.delhiIndian Linux Users Group - Delhi Chapter mailing list
443gmane.user-groups.linux.delhi.develIndian Linux Users Group (Delhi) developer discussion forum ()
315gmane.user-groups.linux.delhi.freedFreed - An Annual ILUGD FOSS Conference ()
602gmane.user-groups.linux.dylugA virtual place of DYPCOE students. This is a group of like minded people who want to use, learn and work in linux. (read-only)
1138gmane.user-groups.linux.egyptLinux-Egypt LUG mailing list on yahoo (read-only)
2848gmane.user-groups.linux.el-salvador.opensuseLista de usuarios openSUSE de El Salvador ()
2560gmane.user-groups.linux.euglugEugene, Oregon Linux Users Group ()
3427gmane.user-groups.linux.france.alpinuxLinux-users group of Savoie (Alpinux le Lug de Savoie) ()
1304gmane.user-groups.linux.france.cenabumix.generalMailing liste generale - Cenabumix ()
303gmane.user-groups.linux.france.cenabumix.techniqueMailing liste technique - Cenabumix ()
1322gmane.user-groups.linux.france.graoulugFrench User Group from Metz city
2879gmane.user-groups.linux.france.grenobleFrench linux group
0gmane.user-groups.linux.france.grenoble.extraFrench linux group of Grenoble : extra discussions
0gmane.user-groups.linux.france.grenoble.networkFrench linux group of Grenoble : network
10082gmane.user-groups.linux.france.guildeGuilde des Utilisateurs d'Informatique Libre du Dauphiné (unidirectional)
4348gmane.user-groups.linux.france.parinuxListe du groupe des utilisateurs de Linux en région parisienne ()
2178gmane.user-groups.linux.france.val-libreFrench Linux and Free Software user group (Valenciennes, 59300) (non-public)
5135gmane.user-groups.linux.glcomoMailing list for the Linux User Group of Como, Italy ()
2004gmane.user-groups.linux.glugcen.generalGrupo de usuarios de GNU/Linux de la FCEN (UBA) ()
89gmane.user-groups.linux.glugotGNU/Linux User Group of TCE
4158gmane.user-groups.linux.gusolt.generalGrupo de Usuarios de Software Libre de Tabasco - GUSOLT (Tabasco Free Software User's Group) (non-public)
47920gmane.user-groups.linux.ilug.generalThe Irish Linux User Group Mailing List
320gmane.user-groups.linux.ilug.south-eastSocial aspects of the Irish Linux User Group in the south-east of the country ()
7272gmane.user-groups.linux.india.cochinIndian Linux User Group Cochin Chapter (unidirectional)
1673gmane.user-groups.linux.india.generalThe Linux India Mailing List - General Discussions
9075gmane.user-groups.linux.india.helpThe Linux India Mailing List - Users Help
4gmane.user-groups.linux.india.iglugITME GNU/Linux User Group ()
23gmane.user-groups.linux.india.ilugindian linux users group varkala, trivandrum, kerala ()
288gmane.user-groups.linux.india.klugThe Open Source group for IIT Kharagpur. We love thinking and learning. ()
945gmane.user-groups.linux.india.programmersThe Linux India Mailing List - Programmers
15316gmane.user-groups.linux.kansascityKansas City Linux Users Group
850gmane.user-groups.linux.linuxfestnorthwestDiscussion and planing list for the Pacific Northwest International Linux Festival (non-public) London Linux Users Group
661gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.barLista para eventos sociales, chistes, anécdotas y demás del LUGFI
26gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.develLista de desarrollo de FLOSS del LUGFI
4187gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.generalLUGFI mailing list ()
4gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.noticiasLista de noticias del LUGFI (read-only)
1020gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.orgLista de organización del LUGFI ()
2gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.seguridadLista sobre seguridad del LUGFI ()
175gmane.user-groups.linux.lugfi.trabajoLista de bolsa de trabajo del LUGFI ()
0gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.announceLista de noticias del LUGMEN (read-only)
211gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.develLista desarrollo del LUGMEN ()
386gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.electronicaLista de electrónica del LUGMEN ()
7776gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.generalLista de discusión del LUGMEN ()
4873gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.grouchesqueLista social del LUGMEN ()
2879gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.novatosLista de novatos del LUGMEN ()
3081gmane.user-groups.linux.lugmen.orgLista de organización del LUGMEN ()
951gmane.user-groups.linux.minsk.generalLinux User Group in Minsk, Belarus
21gmane.user-groups.linux.novi-sadLinux users group of Novi Sad
52gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.announceOttawa Canada Linux Users Group: announcements
1818gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.boardOttawa Canada Linux Users Group: political discussions by the board (read-only)
24gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.eventsOttawa Canada Linux Users Group: event planning
12349gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.generalOttawa Canada Linux Users Group
528gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.linux-noviceOttawa Canada Linux Users Group: novice Linux users
0gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.techThis is the technical discussion list for Ottawa Canada Linux Users group ()
805gmane.user-groups.linux.ottawa.wwwOttawa Canada Linux Users Group: webmaster discussions and CVS messages (read-only)
10726gmane.user-groups.linux.singaporeSingapore Linux Users Group mailing list
0gmane.user-groups.linux.taclug.announceTacoma Linux User Group announcements. This list is moderated. Typically, you'll only see one or two emails a month on this list. ()
18860gmane.user-groups.linux.taclug.generalThis list is for general discussions and posts about Linux and TACLUG (Tacoma Linux User Group). ()
25842gmane.user-groups.linux.tclugTwin Cities Linux Users Group general mailing list, Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota
292gmane.user-groups.linux.tclug.announceTwin Cities Linux Users Group announcements (read-only)
14gmane.user-groups.linux.tclug.develDiscussion of development issues specific to linux
399gmane.user-groups.linux.tclug.jobsJob postings for Linux specific work
3128gmane.user-groups.linux.tehlug.generalTehran Lug General Mailing List (unidirectional)
3gmane.user-groups.linux.tjlug.announceGrupo de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Tijuana - Novedades (read-only)
7gmane.user-groups.linux.tjlug.generalGrupo de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Tijuana ()
7gmane.user-groups.linux.tjlug.talkGrupo de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Tijuana - Charla () list for members of the Dorset Linux Users Group, UK.
198gmane.user-groups.linux.ustclugLinux User Group, University of Science and Technology of China ()

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