^^^ - The Alaska Linux Users Group - General Discussions () de Usuarios de GNU/Linux de Albacete announce mailing list of the danish Als Linux User Group (non-public) messages for the Als Linux User Group in Denmark. (non-public) novice mailing list of the danish Als Linux User Group (non-public) teknik mailing list of the danish Als Linux User Group (non-public) Austin (TX) Linux and General Discussion Mailing List (non-public) Austin (TX) Linux Group Linux and Open Source Technical Discussion List (non-public) is dedicated to GNU/Linux and related software, for people in South Australia. () User Group Austria (non-public) list for hackers and users on the Autistic Spectrum. A place to be yourself and get support from fellow autistics. () Free and Open Source Network () Linux Users Group () Francisco bay area Linux user's group -- talk MCS GNU/Linux User Groups () (China) Linux User Group () moderated information on Beijing Linux User Group events and activities (read-only) Linux User Group technical discussions and help on setting up and using Linux and related software () Linux Users Group - Bengaluru Chapter Mailing List (non-public) Linux User Group () Boston Linux/UNIX sub-group for discussion of open source hardware, embedded Linux, the DIY movement, and hardware hacking in general. () for Bergen Linux User Groupø Linux Usergroup - Discussions of all kinds () Linux & Unix (BLU) user group - DIscussion list (unidirectional) discussion mailing list of the BraLUG, a Linux User Group located in Brandenburg an der Havel (Germany) of discussions about Linux, including administration, shell scripts () sobre linux, programação em shell, firewall e administracao. System Administration and Doubts in Portuguese (Brazil) (non-public)'s Linux group (network) (non-public) Users Group - Brazil Linux Brazilian Users Group - Group of discussion about SUSE Linux in Brazilian Portuguese () (Brussels Linux User Group) development list () (Brussels Linux User Group) main list () discussion forum for the San Francisco Bay Area's CABAL Linux user group Linux Users Group - Talk Linux Users Group - HTTP (NZ) Linux User's Group Coimbatore Linux User Group () Cherry Hill Linux Users Group, NJ USA () Newport University Linux User Group () PA Linux User's Group General Mailing List (non-public) West End Linux Users Group, Saint Louis, MO - Dakar (Senegal) Linux Users Group () University GNU, Linux and free software users' group discussion user group Dresden/Germany (non-public) Linux User's Group: announcements (read-only) Linux User's Group Linux User Group (EdLUG) (non-public) mailing list of the free software group of the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao (Euskadi - Spain) (non-public) mailing list of the free software group of the University of the Basque Country (Basque Country - Spain) (non-public) mailing list for discussion and working on itsas, the free software group of the Universiversity of the Basque Country (non-public) rund um Linux / Unix (non-public) the Fife Linux users group - open your mind to opensource () Wayne Linux Users Group (non-public) group for the discussion of the Full Circle Notifier. (non-public) der Stralsunder Linux User Group (Stralug) () linux santa cruz-bolivia list for members of the Gloucestershire Linux User Group GNU/Linux Universidad del Cauca () New Hampshire Linux User Group (USA) (non-public) New Hampshire (USA) Linux User Group Meeting Announcements List - Low Traffic (unidirectional) list for Greater Orlando Linux User Group () de Usuarios de Software Libre de Córdoba () Seattle Linux Users Group () (read-only) (unidirectional) de Usuarios de Linux de Costa Rica / Costarican LUG support for newbies by newbies (spanish) Linux User Group, from Venezuela - Barquisimeto Linux User Group (unidirectional) Linux User Group ()'s Bay Linux User Group discussion and education in the Highland Lakes area of Texas. (non-public) Linux Felhasználók listája, mailing list of the Hungarian Linux Users (non-public) linux list for experts flame-list about linux linux list about hardware in Boise Club Members list of GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum, Kerala, India (unidirectional) Linux Users Group - Chennai (Madras) (non-public) User Group of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India (non-public) Italian ML of BerGamo Linux User Group Linux Users Group () list of the Genuense Linux User Group (GLUG) () User Group della Provincia di Trento e dintorni (non-public) Sicilia (non-public) Linux Users Group (non-public) lista del LUG del Tigullio () Mailing List () GNU/Linux Users Group - General Discussion list - Italian and english (non-public) Palermo LUG () Linux User Group juralinux jura suisse () games discussion in Russian/Ukrainian () discussion in Russian/Ukrainian () discussion in Russian/Ukrainian () discussion in Russian/Ukrainian () User Group Koeln (non-public) list of the Kolkata Linux Users' Group (unidirectional) list if the Kolkata Linux User's Group (read-only) Panic Linux Users Group, San Diego Announcements about KPLUG Events (non-public) linux usergroup list off-topic sublist see comments Programming Study Group Discussion (non-public) linux usergroup newbie sublist list for security-related discussion (non-public) Steering Committee (non-public) general de Lanux (read-only) County Linux Users Group (non-public) membres de cette liste de distribution recevront un courriel annonçant chaque activitée offerte par le groupe LinuQ (non-public) Linux Nepal User Group () de diffusion de l'association Linux Azur (Logiciels Libres et GNU/Linux dans le 06) es una comunidad para mujeres a las que les gusta Linux y el Software Libre y para ofrecer soporte y apoyo a las mujeres en informatica en general. mailing list hosted by Linux Journal that covers a variety of Linux topics with a high signal-to-noise ratio. (non-public) - Liverpool Linux User Group () - Linux/Unix Advocates/Users of Hawaii (unidirectional) list dedicata ai soci del LuccaLug () User Group Augsburg User Group Bozen-Bolzano-Bulsan ( de correo del grupo de usuarios LUGLi () Linux User's Group General Mailing List () Linux Users of Victoria community and support mailing list. () User Group of Madurai Hudson Valley Linux Users Groupd discussion list () Malta Linux User Group (MLUG) Mailing List () Linux Users Group () User Group Moenchengladbach (non-public), WV, Linux User's Group () GNU/Linux Users Group - Mumbai Linux Nepal Usenet Group Zealand Linux User Group and Internet Service Provider Linux User Group (unidirectional) Mexico Gnu & Linux Users Group, dedicated to the use of the GNU/Linux Operating System and other Free Software () Orleans Linux Users Group (non-public) Linux User Group mailing list () Arkansas LUG Mailing List (unidirectional) forum for ØJLUG (Østjyllands linux-brugergruppe) (non-public) - Linux User Group di L'Aquila list of the linux user group "OWL" (which is a region in Germany) () at the state of Paraná, Brasil (), a Portland Linux user group Mailing List () list for the linux users in Peru. () Linux Users Group (PLUG) () Linux Newbies Mailing List (read-only) (Arizona) Linux User Group General Discussion (non-public) Software Applications () Linux Users Group - Development List () Linux Users Group - Web Development List () GNU/Linux Users' Group (India) list for the Portland Linux/UNIX Group () Linux Users Group (unidirectional) Purdue Linux Users Group (PLUG) is Purdue University's student organization of Free Software and Open Source enthusiasts. This is the announcement group. (read-only) Users Group of Purdue University (General Discussion) de demande d'aide concernant l'installation et l'utilisation du système d'exploitation Linux au Québec () d'annonce reliés à l'utilisation du système d'exploitation Linux au Québec. (read-only) dans les écoles au Québec / Linux in Quebec's schools () portant sur les logiciels libres du Québec et d'ailleurs, qui ne sont pas pertinents pour les groupes plus spécifiques () User Group Ravensberg () GNU/Linux users group () Linux User Group Mailing List (non-public) Antonio Linux Users Group (non-public) Cloud Area Linux Users Group (non-public) Linux Users Group User Group of Strasbourg (France) Valley Linux Users Group () of the Silicon Valley Linux User Group () Cities Wireless Users Group Linux Users Group () Linux User Group (non-public) LUG of Toulouse () User Group Traunstein (non-public) Linux Usergroup (non-public) network mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional)*BSD mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) kernel mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) book for interaction with the mailing list software in Turkish (unidirectional) hardware mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) announcement mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) electronic, automation and embedded systems (unidirectional) security mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) HR mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) installation mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) desktop mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) based mobile operating systems and devices like Android, Moblin, Maemo and netbook distributions (unidirectional) programming mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) off-topic mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) server mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) localisation mailing list in Turkish (unidirectional) Twin Cities Linux Users Group (non-public) Linux Users Group Mailing List () Linux users group Peterborough Linux User Group (non-public) low volume Ukrainian mailing list designed for people new to Debian GNU\Linux. Mailing List about Linux y Desarrollo en Linux - VELUG () Técnicas sobre Linux y Software Libre - VELUG () Correos de Usuarios Linux del Estado Mérida () - Vietnamese Linux Users Group (read-only) , BC , A Linux Users Group Open Source Software Community (read-only) Linux Users' Group (read-only) mailing list for the LUG at West Bengal University of Technology Warwick University GNU/Linux User Group (WUGLUG) Mailing List (non-public) Brasil (non-public)

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