52gmane.emacs.announceAnnouncements and progress reports for GNU Emacs (read-only)
701gmane.emacs.anything.scmCommits notifications of anything emacs extension development. (read-only)
1375gmane.emacs.aquamacs.develDevelopment of Aquamacs (a native OSX port of GNU Emacs) ()
5420gmane.emacs.auc-texAUCTeX - Much enhanced TeX support for Emacs
853gmane.emacs.bidiDiscussion of Emacs support for multi-directional text
175gmane.emacs.bloggingDiscussion of the emacs weblogging packages ()
99987gmane.emacs.bugsBug reports for GNU Emacs, the Swiss army knife of text editors
961gmane.emacs.buildstatusStatus report of automated Emacs build servers (read-only) 
7153gmane.emacs.cedetA collection of Emacs development tools
83gmane.emacs.circeDiscussion list for the Circe IRC client ()
2449gmane.emacs.code-browserEmacs Code Browser
279gmane.emacs.conferencePlanning and discussion of upcoming EmacsConf 2015 ()
23gmane.emacs.customizeDiscussion about Customize for Emacs
53958gmane.emacs.cvscommits to Emacs CVS (read-only)
191369gmane.emacs.develEmacs development
131700gmane.emacs.diffsMailing list for Emacs changes
9gmane.emacs.drkm-libThe Emacs Configuration Project's drkm-lib library. ()
2680gmane.emacs.dvc.develDistributed version control interface for emacs ()
150gmane.emacs.easymacs.userDiscussion of Easymacs, an easy-to-learn Emacs configuration
262gmane.emacs.ebib.userDiscussion of Ebib, a BibTeX database editing tool for emacs ()
151gmane.emacs.eev.develdevelopment list of package which provides support for e-scripts in Emacs ()
47gmane.emacs.efs.generalAccess remote files via FTP -- XEmacs package EFS
156gmane.emacs.eieioA CLOS system for Emacs
618gmane.emacs.el-get.develDiscussions about the development of el-get ()
0gmane.emacs.elnode.develElnode is an evented IO webserver in Emacs Lisp ()
8433gmane.emacs.elpa.scmDiffs of changes in GNU ELPA development tree (read-only)
4147gmane.emacs.emacspeak.generalEmacspeak - The Complete Audio Desktop ()
9020gmane.emacs.ess.generalEmacs Speaks Statistics help forum
1252gmane.emacs.helm.userEmacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework ()
103042gmane.emacs.helpUsers list for the GNU Emacs text editor
16gmane.emacs.howm.englishhowm-mode: desktop wiki-like tool for Emacsen ()
5304gmane.emacs.jdeeThe Java Development Environment for Emacs
387gmane.emacs.liveDiscussion related to the Emacs config Emacs Live ()
116gmane.emacs.matlab-mode.userDiscussion of the matlab mode for Emacs ()
16gmane.emacs.mediawikiLow volumn discussion for mediawiki.el ()
384gmane.emacs.mime.japaneseDiscussion of MIME modules for Emacs (FLIM, SEMI) in Japanese
702gmane.emacs.mmm-modeAnnouncements about MMM Mode, an add-on package for emacs allowing multiple major modes to be enabled simultaneously in different sections of a buffer.
101gmane.emacs.muleDiscussion of MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs
611gmane.emacs.multi-ttyDiscussions of multiple tty support in Emacs
117gmane.emacs.multi-tty.cvsEmacs multi-tty commits (read-only)
9gmane.emacs.nethack.generalnethack-el development discussion ()
1793gmane.emacs.nxml.generalFor discussion of a new major mode for GNU Emacs for editing XML, with support for RELAX NG
102651gmane.emacs.orgmodeOrg-Mode for GNU Emacs
5gmane.emacs.package-managers.develDevelopment of package managers for Emacs packages ()
30gmane.emacs.phpA public mailing list about PHP development on Emacs. ()
84gmane.emacs.pmwiki-mode.generalGeneral discussions (users and developers) of pmwiki-mode, an Emacs mode for editing/browsing PmWiki wiki pages. ()
24640gmane.emacs.pretest.bugsBug reports for the pretest and the development version of GNU Emacs
1307gmane.emacs.python-modeemacs python-mode mailing list (non-public)
60gmane.emacs.rubyDevelopment discussion of enhanced Emacs support for editing Ruby programs ()
545gmane.emacs.ruby.railsGroup for the emacs-rails project. ()
3526gmane.emacs.semanticA parser generator for Emacs
5gmane.emacs.skkDiscussions on SKK dictionaries, servers and front ends (non-public)
3243gmane.emacs.sourcesGNU Emacs source code postings and patches
3223gmane.emacs.sxemacs.develThe SXEmacs development list
35gmane.emacs.tangentsEmacs devel tangets discussions ()
5301gmane.emacs.trampDiscussion about Tramp for Emacs
369gmane.emacs.twmode.userA mailing list for twittering-mode users ()
1035gmane.emacs.viewmailGeneral discussion of VM mail reader ()
2152gmane.emacs.vim-emulationVim emulation in Emacs ()
1200gmane.emacs.vmsUsers list for the GNU Emacs VMS port
9203gmane.emacs.w3mThe Emacs/w3m interface of the emacs-wiki, Muse and planner Emacs modes
5934gmane.emacs.windowsDiscussion forum for users of the GNU Emacs port to Windows
98gmane.emacs.xaeThe XML Authoring Environment for Emacs
173gmane.emacs.xslt-process.generalXSLT-process users mailing list
3331gmane.emacs.xtla.develDeveloper list for xtla.el, an Emacs front-end to GNU Arch
1079gmane.emacs.yasnippet.develYet another snippet extension for Emacs ()

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