52gmane.emacs.announceAnnouncements and progress reports for GNU Emacs (read-only)
701gmane.emacs.anything.scmCommits notifications of anything emacs extension development. (read-only)
1195gmane.emacs.aquamacs.develDevelopment of Aquamacs (a native OSX port of GNU Emacs) ()
5420gmane.emacs.auc-texAUCTeX - Much enhanced TeX support for Emacs
853gmane.emacs.bidiDiscussion of Emacs support for multi-directional text
175gmane.emacs.bloggingDiscussion of the emacs weblogging packages ()
96565gmane.emacs.bugsBug reports for GNU Emacs, the Swiss army knife of text editors
958gmane.emacs.buildstatusStatus report of automated Emacs build servers (read-only) 
7122gmane.emacs.cedetA collection of Emacs development tools
83gmane.emacs.circeDiscussion list for the Circe IRC client ()
2448gmane.emacs.code-browserEmacs Code Browser
279gmane.emacs.conferenceOrganizing an Emacs conference for March 2013 (London) ()
23gmane.emacs.customizeDiscussion about Customize for Emacs
53958gmane.emacs.cvscommits to Emacs CVS (read-only)
185306gmane.emacs.develEmacs development
130333gmane.emacs.diffsMailing list for Emacs changes
9gmane.emacs.drkm-libThe Emacs Configuration Project's drkm-lib library. ()
2680gmane.emacs.dvc.develDistributed version control interface for emacs ()
150gmane.emacs.easymacs.userDiscussion of Easymacs, an easy-to-learn Emacs configuration
247gmane.emacs.ebib.userDiscussion of Ebib, a BibTeX database editing tool for emacs ()
151gmane.emacs.eev.develdevelopment list of package which provides support for e-scripts in Emacs ()
47gmane.emacs.efs.generalAccess remote files via FTP -- XEmacs package EFS
156gmane.emacs.eieioA CLOS system for Emacs
618gmane.emacs.el-get.develDiscussions about the development of el-get ()
0gmane.emacs.elnode.develElnode is an evented IO webserver in Emacs Lisp ()
7507gmane.emacs.elpa.scmDiffs of changes in GNU ELPA development tree (read-only)
4059gmane.emacs.emacspeak.generalEmacspeak - The Complete Audio Desktop ()
8848gmane.emacs.ess.generalEmacs Speaks Statistics help forum
8gmane.emacs.geben.userGEBEN is a software package that interfaces Emacs to DBGp protocol with which you can debug running scripts interactive. ()
1139gmane.emacs.helm.userEmacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework ()
101713gmane.emacs.helpUsers list for the GNU Emacs text editor
16gmane.emacs.howm.englishhowm-mode: desktop wiki-like tool for Emacsen ()
5304gmane.emacs.jdeeThe Java Development Environment for Emacs
381gmane.emacs.liveDiscussion related to the Emacs config Emacs Live ()
105gmane.emacs.matlab-mode.userDiscussion of the matlab mode for Emacs ()
16gmane.emacs.mediawikiLow volumn discussion for mediawiki.el ()
384gmane.emacs.mime.japaneseDiscussion of MIME modules for Emacs (FLIM, SEMI) in Japanese
699gmane.emacs.mmm-modeAnnouncements about MMM Mode, an add-on package for emacs allowing multiple major modes to be enabled simultaneously in different sections of a buffer.
101gmane.emacs.muleDiscussion of MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs
611gmane.emacs.multi-ttyDiscussions of multiple tty support in Emacs
117gmane.emacs.multi-tty.cvsEmacs multi-tty commits (read-only)
9gmane.emacs.nethack.generalnethack-el development discussion ()
1793gmane.emacs.nxml.generalFor discussion of a new major mode for GNU Emacs for editing XML, with support for RELAX NG
100139gmane.emacs.orgmodeOrg-Mode for GNU Emacs
5gmane.emacs.package-managers.develDevelopment of package managers for Emacs packages ()
19gmane.emacs.phpA public mailing list about PHP development on Emacs. ()
84gmane.emacs.pmwiki-mode.generalGeneral discussions (users and developers) of pmwiki-mode, an Emacs mode for editing/browsing PmWiki wiki pages. ()
24640gmane.emacs.pretest.bugsBug reports for the pretest and the development version of GNU Emacs
1304gmane.emacs.python-modeemacs python-mode mailing list (non-public)
60gmane.emacs.rubyDevelopment discussion of enhanced Emacs support for editing Ruby programs ()
545gmane.emacs.ruby.railsGroup for the emacs-rails project. ()
3491gmane.emacs.semanticA parser generator for Emacs
2gmane.emacs.skkDiscussions on SKK dictionaries, servers and front ends (non-public)
3169gmane.emacs.sourcesGNU Emacs source code postings and patches
3204gmane.emacs.sxemacs.develThe SXEmacs development list
5259gmane.emacs.trampDiscussion about Tramp for Emacs
369gmane.emacs.twmode.userA mailing list for twittering-mode users ()
994gmane.emacs.viewmailGeneral discussion of VM mail reader ()
2146gmane.emacs.vim-emulationVim emulation in Emacs ()
1200gmane.emacs.vmsUsers list for the GNU Emacs VMS port
9151gmane.emacs.w3mThe Emacs/w3m interface of the emacs-wiki, Muse and planner Emacs modes
5848gmane.emacs.windowsDiscussion forum for users of the GNU Emacs port to Windows
98gmane.emacs.xaeThe XML Authoring Environment for Emacs
173gmane.emacs.xslt-process.generalXSLT-process users mailing list
3305gmane.emacs.xtla.develDeveloper list for xtla.el, an Emacs front-end to GNU Arch
1077gmane.emacs.yasnippet.develYet another snippet extension for Emacs ()

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