178gmane.comp.lang.r.announceAnnouncements about the development of the R Project for Statistical Computing and the availability of new code. (read-only)
3154gmane.comp.lang.r.datatableGeneral help and discussion about the data.table package in R. ()
1072gmane.comp.lang.r.dbR special interest group on database interfaces ()
480gmane.comp.lang.r.dealLearning Bayesian networks in R - the 'deal' package ()
2538gmane.comp.lang.r.debianDiscussion of the Debian port of the statistical software GNU R
39631gmane.comp.lang.r.develR language developers list
5361gmane.comp.lang.r.ecologyR Special Interest Group for the use of R in ecological and environmental data analysis (non-public)
190gmane.comp.lang.r.epiFor people using R for statistical analysis and display of epidemiological data. ()
399gmane.comp.lang.r.fedoraThis list is for people using the Fedora RPMs of R and its packages. The main purpose of the list is to allow rapid testing of updated RPMs using Fedora's peer review system. ()
13838gmane.comp.lang.r.financeMailing list for discussions relating to use of GNU R in 'finance', i.e. financial engineering, financial economics, empirical finance, computational finance, ...
330790gmane.comp.lang.r.generalThe `main' R mailing list, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.
96gmane.comp.lang.r.geneticsThe R-sig-genetics mailing list is devoted to discussions about the analysis of genetic markers using the R software. ()
23986gmane.comp.lang.r.geoDiscussion of geographical data in the statistical software GNU R
11966gmane.comp.lang.r.ggplot2Get help with ggplot2, an implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R ()
789gmane.comp.lang.r.ggplot2.develPeople interested in ggplot2 development (non-public)
99gmane.comp.lang.r.grR Special Interest Group on gRaphical models ()
759gmane.comp.lang.r.guiDiscussion of the Graphical User Interface for the statistical software GNU R
1744gmane.comp.lang.r.hpcR project SIG for high performance computing
329gmane.comp.lang.r.jobsjob postings related to R programming ()
1521gmane.comp.lang.r.knitrDiscussions about the knitr package in R (non-public)
1044gmane.comp.lang.r.linguisticsA resource for linguists, psycholinguistis, and computational linguists who use R in their research ()
14570gmane.comp.lang.r.lme4.develThis mailing list is primarily for useRs and programmeRs interested in *development* and beta-testing of the lme4 (Linear Mixed Effects 4) package. ()
9772gmane.comp.lang.r.macR Special Interest Group on Macintosh Development and Porting, both for MacOS 8.6 - 9.x and MacOS X ()
1875gmane.comp.lang.r.manipulatrData manipulation with R, especially with the plyr and reshape packages. (non-public)
494gmane.comp.lang.r.matchitTh MatchIt mailing list - supporting the R package MatchIt - Matching Software for Causal Inference
767gmane.comp.lang.r.packagesAnnouncements about contributed R packages and similar R project extensions ()
877gmane.comp.lang.r.packages.develUser R Packages Development - get help about package development in R; a forum for learning about the package development process ()
4677gmane.comp.lang.r.phyloA mailing list for asking about, discussing, and announcing the use and development of phylogenetic and comparative methods within the R platform. ()
8897gmane.comp.lang.r.rcppRcpp: An R / C++ interface (read-only)
303gmane.comp.lang.r.robustSpecial Interest Group on doing Robust Statistics with R ()
60gmane.comp.lang.r.ropenscirOpenSci: R packages for open science ()
1908gmane.comp.lang.r.rosuda.develList for discussions about the future, proposals of new functionality, pre-testing and other issues relevant to the development of RoSuDa software mainly relating to the R Project. ()
299gmane.comp.lang.r.roxygenRoxygen is a Doxygen-like documentation system for R; allowing in-source specification of Rd files, collation and namespace directives. (unidirectional)
232gmane.comp.lang.r.rpostgresqlRPostgreSQL Development and Discussion List ()
2286gmane.comp.lang.r.sequencingThis list is for discussion and development of Bioconductor packages for analysis of ultra-high throughput sequencing data ()
716gmane.comp.lang.r.teachingSIG on Teaching Statistics using R
361gmane.comp.lang.r.user.frenchFrench users of R in social sciences ()
5gmane.comp.lang.r.whatifTh WhatIf mailing list - supporting the R package WhatIf - Software for Evaluating Counterfactuals
241gmane.comp.lang.r.wikiA wiki for users and developers of the R statistical software. (non-public)
964gmane.comp.lang.r.zeligThe Zelig Mailing List, supporting the R package Zelig - Everyone's Statistical Software
27gmane.comp.lang.racket.announceThe Racket announcements mailing list (read-only)
12599gmane.comp.lang.racket.develThe Racket developers mailing list ()
31620gmane.comp.lang.racket.userThe Racket users mailing list
286gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.announceAnnouncements about REALbasic and related products (read-only)
4997gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.beginnerHelp for anyone new to REALbasic ()
27811gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.forumsNotifies for new threads in REALSoftware's REALbasic Forums at (read-only)
5883gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.germanGerman REALbasic NUG ()
484gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.pgsql4rbPostgreSQL Classes for REALbasic from Aliacta (non-public)
1948gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.pluginsShare information with REALbasic Plug-in developers ()
20gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.tipsGet useful tips from our CEO, Geoff Perlman (read-only)
238447gmane.comp.lang.realbasic.userRealbasic NUG
302gmane.comp.lang.redPrimary communication channel for Red programming language ()
20gmane.comp.lang.ruby.announceRuby announce list (read-only)
1253gmane.comp.lang.ruby.bioBioRuby Mailing List (Ruby for Bioinformatics) (unidirectional)
2149gmane.comp.lang.ruby.camping.generalThe Camping web micro-framework for Ruby. ()
11467gmane.comp.lang.ruby.capistrano.generalDiscussion about the Capistrano remote management tool.
70gmane.comp.lang.ruby.clogger.generalconfigurable request logging for Rack (Ruby webserver interface) (unidirectional)
3gmane.comp.lang.ruby.compilerResearch group for an experimental, fast Ruby compiler. (non-public)
75304gmane.comp.lang.ruby.coreA developers forum for implementation and extensions of the Ruby programming language. 
58565gmane.comp.lang.ruby.cvsRuby commit messages
3854gmane.comp.lang.ruby.datamapperDiscussion about the Ruby ORM DataMapper ()
23662gmane.comp.lang.ruby.develJapanese development list of the Ruby programming language
1228gmane.comp.lang.ruby.documentationA forum for documentation standards and tools for the Ruby programming language.
1128gmane.comp.lang.ruby.dotnetThe Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler project (non-public)
297gmane.comp.lang.ruby.enterpriseDiscussion and support board for Ruby Enterprise Edition ()
68gmane.comp.lang.ruby.eventmachineeventmachine for ruby ()
4524gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ferret.generalDiscussion for developers about the Ferret Search Library (Lucene for Ruby). ()
304gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ffiRuby FFI discussion group (unidirectional)
880gmane.comp.lang.ruby.frenchThe French Ruby programming language mailing-list
842gmane.comp.lang.ruby.gemcutterDiscussions about gemcutter ()
5304gmane.comp.lang.ruby.gems.develDevelopers of the RubyGems packaging system for Ruby. (non-public)
378109gmane.comp.lang.ruby.generalGeneral discussion about Ruby (non-public)
586gmane.comp.lang.ruby.germanGerman mailing list for Ruby users ()
697gmane.comp.lang.ruby.godGod is an easy to use ruby monitoring framework with customizable conditions and behaviors. (non-public)
194gmane.comp.lang.ruby.grammarMailing list of the Ruby Grammar Project which aims to improve Ruby's parser () pipe I/O for Linux and Ruby (unidirectional)
8041gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ironruby.develIronRuby developers mailing list ()
9330gmane.comp.lang.ruby.japaneseJapanese user list of the Ruby programming language ()
16gmane.comp.lang.ruby.kcar.generalbytestream to Rack response converter (read-only)
280gmane.comp.lang.ruby.kgio.generalKinder, gentler I/O for Ruby ()
237gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ldapLDAP libraries in pure ruby, net-ldap discussion. ()
8524gmane.comp.lang.ruby.macintosh.develMacRuby development ()
2gmane.comp.lang.ruby.metropolis.generalKey value store for Rack (unidirectional)
374gmane.comp.lang.ruby.musingA mailing list for your "what-if" Ruby questions, thoughts, suggestions and ideas --where indepth consideration of such musings is both welcome and encouraged.
9298gmane.comp.lang.ruby.nitro.generalGeneral discussion about Nitro and Og
434gmane.comp.lang.ruby.parsletDiscussion around parslet, the Ruby parser construction library. ()
130gmane.comp.lang.ruby.posix-mq.generalPOSIX message queues for Ruby (unidirectional)
2gmane.comp.lang.ruby.qemu-toolkitGeneral discussion regarding the qemu-toolkit for Illumos. ()
16gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rack.develRack development (Ruby webserver interface) ()
332964gmane.comp.lang.ruby.railsOfficial "Ruby On Rails" discussion list
530gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rainbows.generalRainbows general mailing list
147gmane.comp.lang.ruby.raindrops.generalreal-time stats for preforking Ruby Rack webservers (read-only)
736gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rakeRake-devel is for discussions involving the developement of the Ruby based build tool. ()
1902gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ramaze.generalgeneral discusssion about Ramaze, light and modular web framework for ruby
282gmane.comp.lang.ruby.resqueResque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. ()
19969gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rspec.userDiscussion of the RSpec Behavior-Driven Development framework for Ruby ()
603gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rubinius.develActive discussions on the development of Rubinius, the ruby VM. ()
126gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ruby-vpi.userDiscussion list for the Ruby-VPI project
103gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rubyunix.develdevelopment of a unix shell script interpreter in ruby (rubyunix) (non-public)
1930gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ruoteruote - an open source Ruby workflow engine ()
301gmane.comp.lang.ruby.ruportRuport -- Ruby Reports Development Mailing List (non-public)
782gmane.comp.lang.ruby.rvmrvm (Ruby Version Manager) ()
10097gmane.comp.lang.ruby.sequeldiscussion list for Sequel, the easy database access library for Ruby (non-public)
5054gmane.comp.lang.ruby.sinatra.generalDiscussions and help with the Sinatra web framework ()
97gmane.comp.lang.ruby.sleepy-penguindiscussion for Linux I/O event interfaces for Ruby (unidirectional)
3gmane.comp.lang.ruby.sqlite3SQLite3 bindings for Ruby ()
15gmane.comp.lang.ruby.sunshowers.generalWeb Sockets for Ruby, Rack+Rainbows! (unidirectional) of development of Sydney, the experimental Ruby intepreter. ()
11gmane.comp.lang.ruby.tdb.generalTrivial Database bindings for Ruby (unidirectional)
118gmane.comp.lang.ruby.tzinfo.userGeneral discussion for TZInfo users
2235gmane.comp.lang.ruby.unicorn.generalUnicorn general mailing list
1gmane.comp.lang.ruby.upr.generalupload progress for Rack (Ruby web middleware) (unidirectional)
114gmane.comp.lang.ruby.uspUnix systems programming in Ruby ()
452gmane.comp.lang.ruby.vit.generalMailing list of the Ruby Visual Identity project.
5284gmane.comp.lang.ruby.wxruby.userwxWidgets for Ruby
20gmane.comp.lang.ruby.yahns.generalAll dicussion about the yahns Ruby server (unidirectional)
11494gmane.comp.lang.rust.develDevelopment discussion for the Rust programming language (non-public)

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