596gmane.comp.gnome.mono.addinsDiscussion and news about Mono.Addins ()
298gmane.comp.gnome.mono.announceMono, the dotNet clone (read-only)
2095gmane.comp.gnome.mono.aspnetMono - ASP.NET (non-public)
14398gmane.comp.gnome.mono.bansheeBanshee is a GNOME/Mono audio management and playback program ()
36319gmane.comp.gnome.mono.bugsBugmail for the Mono Project (read-only)
4057gmane.comp.gnome.mono.cecilGroups about the Mono.Cecil library (unidirectional)
0gmane.comp.gnome.mono.classesMono, the dotNet clone
1gmane.comp.gnome.mono.cliMono, the dotNet clone
34523gmane.comp.gnome.mono.cvsTrack the CVS activity for Mono
43452gmane.comp.gnome.mono.develMono development list.
1822gmane.comp.gnome.mono.documentationMono, the dotNet clone
151gmane.comp.gnome.mono.garbage-collectionDiscussion of Garbage Collection for Mono
1346gmane.comp.gnome.mono.gendarmeGendarme is a extensible rule-based tool to find problems in .NET applications and libraries ()
47042gmane.comp.gnome.mono.generalMono Developer Discussion List
11153gmane.comp.gnome.mono.hispanoMono-.Net Hispano
15250gmane.comp.gnome.mono.monodevelop.generalused to discuss the MonoDevelop IDE: a port of the popular SharpDevelop IDE to Mono and Gtk#
9265gmane.comp.gnome.mono.monodroidMono for Android ()
10175gmane.comp.gnome.mono.monotouchThis mailing list is the primary discussion forum for developers working with MonoTouch (Mono for iPhone). ()
99gmane.comp.gnome.mono.monsoon.develDiscussion about development of the P2P program Monsoon and related technologies such as monotorrent, monodonkey... ()
1174gmane.comp.gnome.mono.moonlightDiscussion about the Linux open source implementation of Silverlight, powered by Mono ()
5334gmane.comp.gnome.mono.osxMono Apple OS X mailing list ()
194963gmane.comp.gnome.mono.patchesPatches to the Mono project are posted on this mailing list
192gmane.comp.gnome.mono.summer-of-codeCoordination list for Summer of Code projects of the Mono effort. (non-public)
37gmane.comp.gnome.mono.swt.develDevelop to linux port list
891gmane.comp.gnome.mono.vbMain list for mbas, the Mono Visual Basic.NET compiler ()

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